Monday, December 14, 2015

First week in Sverige! :) St. Lucia!

Hey alla! It has been a little while since I last got to write! This past week and a half has been so eventful. We all got our visas and made it safely to Sweden. The plane rides were so fun and full of many laughs. We met up in Chicago with the other Äldstrar from last transfer who got reassigned for 6 weeks. It was so fun to meet more Swedish missionaries! I got to call my family too which was great. :) We finally got to Sweden and the Beckstrands and the assistants were there to greet us. We were all so wiped out and kept falling asleep throughout the day. They took us all around Stockholm and showed us a bunch of cool landmarks. We had such an amazing dinner too. Best chicken I've ever had. ;) We had a few more meetings and then we retired at the mission home for the night. We got a much needed rest. The next day was so exciting. We got to see the Stockholm temple and found out our areas we were going to be serving at, and who our trainers would be. :) It felt like opening another mission call lol. They gave us all letters and when they called our name we would go to the front and read where we were going and everyone cheered! They told us one of us Systers were going to Norland and I had a feeling for some reason that it was me haha. I opened my call and I was right. ;) 'You are called to labor in the Sundsvall area and you will be trained by Syster Brink!' It was so exciting! :) It was so sad saying goodbye to all my MTC friends but hopefully I'll get to see them again. We took a 4 hour train and finally arrived in Sundsvall. I can tell you it is so beautiful here, but COLD. lol. And it's not even the coldest month yet. Please pray for me. ;) And I absolutely LOVE Syster Brink! She is the best and she helps me so much with my struggle in everything. She decorated the apartment so adorably and it was nice and homie and I settled in so quickly. :) They told me that they see the Northern lights here sometimes so I'm keeping an eye out for those! The next day we went right to work. We went out and I did my first contacting! I was so scared before but it actually isn't too bad haha. All I can say is, 'Excuse me,' 'How are you,' and 'We are missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ.' In Swedish, 'Ursäkta mig,' 'Hur är det med dig?' and 'Vi är missionärer med Jesu Kristi Kyrka.' And then Syster Brink takes over and talks to them in her amazing fluent Swedish lol. This one dude told us he believes Christianity is Communist and Capitalism and that God is an alien. lol Some people here say they funniest things. After that we went to an appointment with a member. Even though I didn't really know what was going on (happens a lot haha) I could still feel the spirit so strongly! All I heard was 'Vi är Gods döttrar.' and I lost it. The members here are so sweet. Another really cool lesson we had were with these 2 guys from Iran. :) They only know Persian and a little English so this new member who knew both fluently translated our whole lesson to them! :) We taught them the first half of the plan of Salvation and they loved it. We also had a cool deep talk about Adam and Eve so that was cool. They are the sweetest guys ever. I helped them find persian Bibles at the iphone app store too since they were looking everywhere for them. They came to church this last Sunday too and taught us a little bit of Persian during Sunday School. They have a baptism date for January so hopefully it works out. :) All the missionaries in our district went to St. Lucia after church too! It was so pretty. :) I'll be sure to send pictures! We had this yummy lunchin after church too and they had the best food. Where has this food been all my life?! lol They have this yummy Jul (Christmas) Soda called Julmust and its pretty good. And these ginger breads that I had like 10 of! haha Were going to Stockholm today too for Christmas Conference so were pretty excited for that. So far it's been a great first week here. Even though I get so tired by the end of the day it is so worth it and I love every second of being here! I miss you all and hope you're all doing great! Love you all and God Jul! :) Vi ses nästa vecka.

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