Monday, January 18, 2016

Farhad and Bakhtiar's Baptism!

Hej ni. :) Well this week was underbar! On Monday our district had a fun PDay at IKEA and this laser lagging place. IKEA made me feel like I was at home again. So many feels haha. We planned a little bit of our Östersund trip this Saturday too so that was fun. Were going to try to start a branch up there again since sadly the old one dissolved.

On Tuesday we met with some sweet less-actives and just talked about life with them. It was really good. On the way home we ran into this sweet girl named Ayaan who was interested in learning about our beliefs. :) When we went to switch numbers with her, turns out she had our number from the Systers here years ago! She was like oh ya I met some missionaries a long long time ago but they weren't you guys haha. After while we were knocking on doors this really sweet persian guy let us in and gave us fika and he had the sweetest little daughters. The nice thing about being cold here is that people feel bad for us so they let us in more often. ;)

On Wednesday I got a package from my Uncle and Aunt! (Thanks Matt and Jeanne). It had all these cool different chocolates from South America in it and we had fun trying all the different kinds. After we taught this fun lesson to Farhad and Bakhtiar about temples and family history and stuff. :) We showed them pictures of our families and they loved it. They showed us pictures of theirs too. So cute. I love Iranians. :) They are the just nicest people.

On Thursday we had our usual distrikts möte and we went to the usual pizza parlor after. Me and Syster Brink were trying to be frugal that day and we needed to diet lol so we just brought apples and boiled eggs with us. After we went to visit Armin and Shirin. :) They always welcome us with so much love! We came in and they were like we have lunch for you!! And we were like oh my goodness good thing we didn't have pizza haha. They both were baptized back in 2015 and are the strongest members ever. We love them so much. I probably have said that so much but its true. :)
We also found out Snape died. :( I was so sad.

On Friday me and Syster Brink woke up and went to the church to clean out the baptismal font for The Baptism. :) We made a cool timelapse while we did it. It was so fun. We decided to get some pizza for lunch too because we've been working so hard. ;) After we did some trackting in Karlmarsvägen (a very sketchy place lol). This old lady let us in and told us she had syster missionaries over a long time ago! She told us that they would always help her clean her house haha. She then went on this tangent though about how we were brainwashed and how we are being controlled by evil men and that we need to escape from the gospel because it is that was interesting hahaha. We were like no one is forcing us to do anything lol. We are here on missions because we chose to. I think she might of had Alzheimers or something because in the middle of our conversation she started asking us the same questions all over again. Like whats your name and where are you guys from? haha. She was nice though nonetheless. She had this really cute cat too that I was playing with too.

Saturday was toppen! :) It was the day Farhad and Bakhtiar were getting baptized!! Me and Syster Brink went to the church to set everything up and to fill the font and stuff. :) They showed up early and got all fitted for their baptimal clothes and stuff. Their sweet nephew came too so that was cool! They had this sweet member Patrik Baptize him which was really sweet because he was a convert too and this was the first time he would be baptizing someone! So cute. :) The spirit was so strong the entire day and they bore their testimonies in Persian afterwards. They kept saying thank you to us but honestly it wasn't us at all. I was like no THANK YOU. Being a part of their baptism and conversion has seriously been a blessing to my life. They have this light about them and are so strong in the gospel already!! Like, I came here to try my best to strengthen others and build their testimonies but its totally reversed. These people here are changing me more than I feel like I am them. The church is so true people!! It brings people from all over the world together with so much love and jag är så tacksam för it all. :) I know I sound like such a missionary right now lol, and I'm not the best writer but words can even express my happiness. :) After we had this huge Persian Fika that the swedish members made for everyone!

Sunday was awesome too. They were both confirmed in church and are offically members of the church! After church we went trackting and I felt like I was going to die it was so cold. I said a little prayer and the next door we knocked on was that sweet girl Ayaan we met a few days before. :) Definetly an answer to my prayer. Well I'm out of time but have a great week everyone and vi ses senare. :)
Kärlek Syster Davis
P.s. the picture of the eggs are boiled eggs we made to keep our hands warm! haha

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