Monday, January 25, 2016

Trip to Östersund

This week was toppen!
Monday Jan 18: We had our last P-day as a family before Äldste Goffe and Craygen were being transfered. :( They were the best big brothers you could ever ask for. I miss them so much. We wanted to have a korv roasting party but it was snowing too much so we just cooked them at the church. It was still fun haha.

Tuesday: We woke up early to say goodbye to them at tågstationen. Then we went to visit this sweet old less-active lady who has been sick lately. She kept asking me if she was speaking slow enough so I could understand. lol. My Swedish is getting better and better so thats good. After we had a meeting with this girl at Expresso House. It totally reminded me of StarBucks but better. They had these couches everywhere and this rustic interior. The food was toppen också! After we went to pick up the two new Äldster at the station. Äldster Pearson and Lohmeier! They are really nice.

Wednesday: Nothing to exciting happened. We got bloasted a few times so that wasn't fun. We had a world-wide missionary broadcast so that was pretty cool. It was really inspiring. I am a bad note-taker though so sadly I can't remember too much from it. I know, I am the worst haha. I remember a questionare thing they did with Elder Bednar and how intimidated the missionaires looked to be in a room with Bednar lol.Syster Brink took a ton of notes so I can just look at hers if I need. ;)

Thursday: We had distrikt möte with our new district and we did a little get to know you questionarie. We went to get pizza after and then me and Brink went to go visit Armin and Shirin. We talked to them about journals and patrarical blessing and stuff and had this long fun conversation with them. I love them so much. Armin even taught me how to write my name in Persian and that's all I write my name as now. ;)

Friday: Not much happened we got bloasted AGAIN though! haha Luckily we got to meet up with our good friend Murre from Afghanisan. Its so fun talking to him. He brought us herbal tea and we had a fun long deep talk together. He is so kind and asked us a lot of good questions. After we went to Kalmarvägen and knocked on some doors. Me and Syster Brink always say we wish we had a camera crew with us when we go trackting because the funniest things happen to us. There are too many to write.

Saturday: We went to Östersund!! It was such a blast. We went to go visit some members all the way out there and got to talk to some people. We met up with a member named Oscar too who got baptized a while ago! He was so nice. We talked to him for a while and told us all about his adventurous life. It was fun. We took the train up and then drove the car home. I had to drive the whole 3 hours back in the snow!! It was scary but we survived. :)

Sunday: We had church and we chatted with Farhad and Bakhtiar! I showed them my name written in Persian and they were so stocked! And they laughed because it probably wasn't perfectly right, but at least I tried haha. After we had this yummy middag with the Stegabys at the church! It was so good and they are the sweetest. After we went to centrum to talk to some people. We met this one guy who told us he was a non-believer until he had a heart-attack and had a near death experience. He saw his grandma and all this cool stuff and she said he had to go back to earth because he was going to have a son who needed him (he only had daughters). Then we said he remembered waking up in the hostial. His wife evetually had a son. :) It was so cool! He was really nice and said he would like to meet with us again.

Anyways this week was good. Love you all and miss you all! Hope you've all been having a great January! Vi ses nästa vecka och jag hoppas ni har en bra sista vecka av januari. :) Hejdå!

Meeting up with our friend Oscar in Östersund!
We find the best signs on the doors. ;)
Pretty Östersund Centrum!

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