Monday, January 4, 2016

Gott Nytt År

Hejsan allihopa! Hope you all had a fun New Year. We sure did here in Sundsvall. We went to a members house, had some yummy fika, played a fun game, listened to Swedish music (ABBA lol), and launched some fireworks. It was jätte bra! New Years is always something that helps me get out of the post-holiday blues. It's so dark here too that they give all us missionaries this thing called a 'Happy Light' and its this bright interragation light that you can shine in your room for some vitamin D. Its pretty funny lol.

Anyways it was a successful week. We found a new investigator with the Christmas video so that was cool. He traded numbers with us on the streets and actually showed up to our lesson and seems interested in what we believe. :) Another guy we met told us that there was a comedy show down the street and that we should sign up for because people would get a laugh out of what we were saying. That was mean lol.

But yeah we have been teaching these two awesome guys who are getting baptized in a week! They are the greatest ever. They just walked in to church one day and were like, we're interested! They only speak persian so we have a member who speaks persian translate our lessons to them. We have taught them everything! We taught them the commandments this week and I was a little nervous because usually thats the hardest lesson for people to accept. However, they loved everything and agreed with it all without any concerns!! They are so solid. :)

My first fast söndag was yesterday too! It was so great. I can't get over how cute the little kids here are. A few of them went up on the stand and shared their testimony. I wish my Swedish was as good as theirs haha. These sweet little girls sitting in front of us drew pictures of me and Syster Brink and her too. :) Så söt!

To close, it snowed hardcore last night!! And my companions license expired so, lucky me, I get to be the designated driver whoop whoop. haha Driving in the snow is SO scary. I drive sooo slow and people get so annoyed by it. I pull off the the side when then line behind me gets long enough haha. Better safe than sorry!! All and all, life is pretty great. I'm excited to see what the rest of 2016 has in store. :) I wish you all the best New Year and be safe!
Syster Davis

P.S. I ate moose!!

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