Monday, February 1, 2016

Frozen Lakes!

Februari is here! So crazy. This week was another golden one yet again. :)

Monday January 26: Förberedelsedagen (P-Day) was great like always. We did some emailing and then me and Syster Brink decided we needed a shopping spree day! ;) It was much needed. It's hard though because you want to buy everything but you have such limited space as a missonary so you have to be carfeful how much you get. ;) I was good and only got three beanies haha. After we met up at the church with the Elders and one of our investigators and played some cards!

Tuesday: It was a high 37 degress Farenherit so that was glorious! We had to wait for the mail man today too because he called and told us he had a few packages that we needed to be home for. We had a feeling it was the Persian Book of Mormons we have been waiting for. He finally came and we were so excited, we ripped open the boxes and to our surprise it was like 50 more swedish Mormons Boks. Noooooo. ;) We already had so many of those lol. I guess you can never have enough. We met up with Farhad and Bakhtiar today too. We talked to them about the getting the preisthood and the branch temple trip coming up soon! They were so excited. :)

Wednesday: Busy driving day! We met up with our friend Lisa in Kvisslebey and taught her about Jesu Kristi Evangelium. :) She said she is too shy to come to church though so were tried our best to tell her all about it and to make her feel comfortable enough to come. We told her all about the sweet people there too. After, we met up Armin and Shirin in Timrå again! On the way to meeting them me and Syster Brink found this huge frozen lake and we ran across it! It was so fun! There were even car tracks on it so we knew there shouldn't be any harm. ;) We took somefunny videos haha. We got to meet with the amazing NoeNoe and SaySay too! They are so sweet and are so patient with my oduktig svenska. We helped them with their english homework too so that was great. After that we met up with these two guys at the church we met on the street. The one who had the cool near death experience. They were really nice and we had a cool lesson with them.

Thursday: It was my 3 month mark today! So insane. I offically finished 1 sixth of my mission! Today we got bloasted all day so me and Syster Brink went talking to random people. We meet a lot of sweethearts and a lot of jerks haha. The norm. We also got some Semlar! This delicious swedish almond paste treat. After we went to this really good relief society activity all about how we can be healthy and some tips on that. We had carrot cake afterwards too. :)

Friday: Zone training! We all took norrtåg up to Umeå for the day! Umeå is gorgeous. It was fun looking at all the pretty cities while we traavelled. We played some more cards on the train and played this funny swedish story game. We met up with all our zone at this pizza kebab place when we got there and chatted with everyone. Its fun to be with the zone. :) After we had our meeting. It was about new goals for 2016. It was really good. We had chocolate chip cookies afterwards too!! They don't have chocolate chips in Sweden so it was a nice. After we went back home and for språk study I tried to read this Swedish magazine on the train.

Saturday: We had a member dinner! Those are the best. :) It was with the Nedergårds. I can't even begin to describe how luxurious it was. Ulf Nedergård used to work at a resturant so he made us the most wonderful Swedish food I ever had. It was so beautifully decorated and they kept laughing because I took a picture of every course we ate! It was a full three course meal!! We definetly got spoiled. :) We shared a little message with them about tro (faith) and how faith is something that is hoped for and not always seen. I could understand a lot so that was good. :)

Sunday: Church was awesome. Armin taught an amazing lesson about the Plan of Salvation and families and temples and stuff. Its so cute seeing converts so intelligent in the gospel. :) I love them so much! After we had ANOTHER member dinner! This time at the cute organist lady's house. Maj Carlberg is her name. :) She is just the cutest thing ever. She had this cute bandana thing on her head and this cute apron. She made us this yummy soup and rolls and we had this yummy swedish pancake icecream for dessert. I love the Swedish members so much.

Well that's all I have for now. Happy Februari and stay warm. :)
Kärlek Syster Davis

Walking on a frozen lake in Timrå!
The amazing Swedish food the Nedergårds made for us.
​Zone Conference in Umeå!
This is what Semlar look like. :) (the ones of the top that look like bread bowls)

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