Monday, February 22, 2016

Umeå Special Training

Hej hej allihopa. Hur går det med er? :) This week was spanande!

Måndag we took a train up to Umeå for Specialized zone training. It was a bout a 3 hourish train ride so our distrikt went around and told our lifestories. It was so fun haha. Äldste Liddle brought us all these yummy cheese danish things also so that was nice. I ate so many godis though so I got a little tummy ache. Äldste Lohmeier's middle name is Justice and we were all laughing and coming up with cool names for him. ;) We arrived in Umeå and stayed the night at this sweet members house! Her name is Gunvor Wirtala. She told us she had a granddaughter on a mission in Leeds England. I told her I had a friend there! She also had all this yummy food for us and we chatted with her until it was bedtime. :)

Tisdag we had training! It was really good. President and Syster Beckstrand were there and it was a great meeting. It was about conversion and Jacob ch. 5 in Mormons Bok. The Olive tree one. After we had lunch and sang Happy Birthday (på Svenska!) to Syster Jackson and Brother Delgato. Then we all gathered in a little room and had a mini FHE night. We played games and just laughed. We did this M&M game where we had to tell a lifestory about us depending on what color M&M we had. I told the story about my chicken Roxy and how it got taken away by a hawk and everyone laughed. So mean to laugh about that. ;) We then had to åker home back to Sundsvall. It was a great day. Oh we saw the Northern lights again too. :)

Onsdag we met up with Sam and David Nilsson. These 2 sweet Swedish investigators. They are hilarious and always joke around with eachother. We taught them about Frälsningsplanen and they bought us soda pop. After we went walking around talking to people, and ended up walking across the huge sundsvall bridge! Wow it was breathtaking. Later that night we had dinner with the Stegaby Family so that was fun. They are a sweet family. :) I shared Matthew 10:16-20. A great scripture I found one day at the MTC when I wasn't feeling confident being a msisionary.
It's a great one for anyone.

Torsdag we talked to more people and Syster Brink and this mean guy got into a mini throwdown. I just stood there and smiled lol. We then went to Timrå to visit Lisa Svedin. She is so talented at knitting! She knitts huge sweaters and beanies and everything! I kept telling her she was duktig (skilled) and she was happy. :)

Fredag the busses were not working so me and Syster Brink decided to walk to the church to make our meeting with Murre! (Aka a 20 minute bus ride) It was quite the adventure. We walked through this snowy forest and it was beautiful! I literally took a step into the Hobbit movie no joke lol. Half way there we got a call saying Murre was halfway out to Norway...nooo haha. We stopped into ICA and got some snacks and still went to the church anyway. The cute YW were there learning the EFY dance! So many feels. (The one with the 6 flags song that goes like, 'EAT IT.') We then had a meeting with the mission leader Arto and then went home. The busses were still wack so the Stegabys drove us home.

Lördag we talked to some more people and met up with our friend Patrik from Lund. Since this was his last time he would see Syster Brink we took us to this amazing Italian resturant called Dolcetto. He treated us. Patrik is toppen. :) We had a really great deep discussion. After we all went to the church together for this branch Meet the Mormons movie night! Sam and David came too so that was awesome. They really seemed to enjoy the movie. We had sockerkaka after.

Söndag we had branch conference and the Beckstrands came up to speak. It was fun to see them so much this week. They are like our parents away from home. We sang in the choir and had a few other meetings. After church Farhad and Bakhtiar came up to us and were like 'We have a surprise for you!' We were like what is it? :) And they were like we made you guys Persian food!! So sweet of them! They are just my favorite. I took a sneaky video of Armin too and it was hilarious, I'll try to send it. Anyways after our yummy persian feast we all went to the bus stop to travel home. It was a great sunday.

I alla fall, thats what happened this week. I love being a missionary. I love the church. And I love life. Until nästa vecka. Hejdå for now. :)
P.s. See Zoolander 2 for me. ;)

Selfie with the great Farhad and Bakhtiar while waiting for the bus. :)
Picture of yummy Persian food from last week

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