Monday, February 15, 2016

Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag!

This week was härligt (glorious) compared to last week. :)
P-Day was good. We did our normal emailing and grocery shopping and then we all met up at the church and the older missionaries showed me all their fun pictures and videos from all the different places they've served in. It's weird to see how long some of them have been here and how many places they've been to! I've just been in little (not so little ;)) Norrland and it's strange that I'll be moving somewhere else soon.

Tuesday we met up with this sweet older Swedish guy named Sam. He was adorable and had a lot of good questions for us. It was fun teaching him about our beliefs. He even was like how much does it cost? (The Book of Mormon) and we were like Det är grattis. :) (It's free!) And he was like what?! Are you sure? It was so cute. He was all smiling and happy when he left. Hopefully we meet again someday! We then took a lunch break at this cute Swedish cafe called Barista! BEST place ever. I got this yummy chocolate muffin for only 15 kronor (a very good deal).

Wednesday we had absolutley nothing planned. Those days are so long. We did our morning studies and were like, 'Whelp, looks like were knocking on doors...all day.' Then all of a sudden out of the blue, Karin Lundkuist, (this sweet member) called us and was like 'Hey do you want to come visiting teaching with me today? My friend I usually go with is sick.' And we were like YES PLEASE. :) She has this cute dog named Looda who came with us too. We went to the Stegaby's first and had homemade semlor and had a little bible study it was so fun. Then we went to visit Eva who has been very ill lately. Lastly we went to Inga-Britts house. She gave us all this candy and fruit haha. It was a busy day!

Thursday the zone leaders came down to do splits with the elders and we had a great Distrkts Möte. We all went to this yummy Swedish Mcdonalds place called MAX. Det var toppen och jag tycker det är bättre än Mcdonalds. ;) We then made a trip to Sundsbruk and met this really nice guy named Jimmy. He was in a wheelchair and explained he fell from a balcony about 16 years ago and that he knew something saved him. He knew it was a miracle he was alive.

Friday we went to Timrå and knocked on some doors and we talked to this funny guy who was a little contradictive in everything he said but it was a fun conversation lol. Right before we left I noticed he had some video games hung up on his wall. One of them was Final Fantasy. I was like 'Tycker du om Final Fantasy?' haha. And he was like 'Ja!!' And then he went off in swedish about it and I laughed. I told him me and my brother liked to play those back in the day. After we went to visit Armin and Shirin! Something I always look forward too. :) They have been through so much and they are trying so hard to be able to get residents here. I pray for them everyday and that they will be in safe care whatever happens. I know the Lord is watching over them.

Saturday we met up with Celine at Barista! It was so fun I absolutley love Celine. We helped her write a speech for Sunday. She did it on the Plan of Salvation and we had a fun time talking about it. We talked about the millenium too or in swedish 'tusenårsrika.' She was like wait what do you call in it America? 'Millenium' haha. And she was like, 'I'm never gonna be able to pronounce that haha.' I keep telling her that she needs to come visit us in the States when we come home! ;) Love that girl! She knows Sweidsh, English, and French! Så duktig lol.

Sunday was Valentines' day! They call it Alla Hjärtans Dag here. The elders sent us this funny Valentines day holiday gram via video. We decided to do one back and we sang this funny song to Kelly Clarkson 'Since You've Been Gone.' We then took the bus to church. Celine gave her amazing talk and we gave Farhad and Bakhtiar persian Mormons Boks that we finally got! They were so happy. After church we all decided to do the branch choir for grens conference next week. We sang Called to Serve in Swedish, Finnish, French, and English. :) It was really fun. This cute little girl named Salome kept saying 'Titta!' (Look!) when she was playing the piano haha. It was so cute. We then went home and had pink banana bread and stir fry. To end the night we went out and talked to 70 people on the street in the blistering cold. It was a valentines day to remember. :)

I alla fall, Hope you all had a great week. Vi ses snart. :)
P.s. The pictures are some cool places we found while walking around talking to people! Så jätte vacker!

Sundsvall University. :)
Sundsvall Univeristy Student wanna-be. ;)
​Me and Brink :)

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