Monday, August 22, 2016

Är du Norsk?

Fun week yet again! It was Äldste Dean's last P-Day in Stockholm so we went exploring around Stockholm one last time with him and went to this sick look out point and took lots of pictures. How fast the weeks go here hurts my heart. I can't even imagine leaving this place. It feels like home now. We had dinner with the sweet Mitchell Family that night too. They just got back from their long summer trip in America and brought us each a bag of Jolly Ranchers. :) Toppen!

We got to meet all the new missionaries that just came in this week too! Perks of living in Stockholm round 3. We got to take them out contacting their first time. It is so fun! So many new Systers are coming in and it's so great. :) I was with the sweet Syster Dargen, it's amazing how good their Swedish is. After that me and Matwaychuk decided to go somewhere new in our area to kontact to get a change of scenery. We found the most beautiful view ever and almost were in tears of how happy we felt. We kept looking at eachother saying 'are we really here right now? why are we so blessed?' Love life here.

The weather has been so bipolar lately too. It has been pouring rain freezing one day and then hot and sunny the next day lol. Typical Sweden. We got some new people in our district as well too so that was fun. Äldste Nielsen from my MTC is one of them and we both had a mini freak out when we saw eachother haha! So happy to be in the same district again as him. We got Äldste Chugg, Ä Hatch, and Syster Trotter as well! So excited for this transfer.

Since it was raining hardcore we decided to go trakting in the nice warm apartment complex. It was quite the experience. A few dudes opened the door only wearing tighty-wities...we tried so hard to not bust out laughing. Så pinsamt.

We taught Kristine with Samuel and Zara this week too. :) Love them so much! Zara's cute son came down while we were talking and said in Swedish, 'Why is that girl speaking Norwegian?' I guess I sound like I'm from Norway lol. Better than thinking I have an Americansk accent! ;) He's so cute. He was shocked I've never played Pokemon Go before either lol.

Me and Syster Matwaychuk are terrible but we've decided to start listening to Christmas music. We can not help it, we are so excited for Jul to come! We know it's bad and we're going to get sick of it before Christmas even comes but we can't help how happy it makes us feel! Haha. Hopefully this next week we will stop.

Anyways, life is same old same old. Just loving everyday of being in this beautiful country. So excited for my friends who are starting missions soon! You will love it so much. There are hard days but those are the ones you learn the most from and they make the great days even greater. :) Look for the little things the Lord blesses you with and remember to always thank Him. Love you all and Lycka till! xoxo

Syster Davis

​So blessed

​New Distirct!

​Finding new furry friends.

​Stockholm has our heart.

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