Monday, August 8, 2016

Temple Trips and Grilled-Cheese!

Hej hej. Den här veckan var jättegod. For P-Day we had a huge zone volleyball tournament! It was so fun. We met at this beach park in Stockholm and played volleyball and ate Subway. :) We hit up Mall of Scandinavia afterwards with some old friends too and then had dinner with the Robinsons! It was a great day.

Me and Syster Matwaychuk decided to work in a little town called Vällingby one day because they have a store there called Lidl that sells our favorite cereal Nugget Pillows! ;) We worked hard and then rewarded ourselves with it at the end. It was actually really funny we stopped this lady to talk and she just started laughing. We were kinda puzzled and she was like, 'I am a member already. ;)' Whoops haha. It was great, she was super nice.

We had Specialized Zone Training this week as well which was toppen. Äldste Bradshaw and Halterman drew this graph quadrant about living the letter of the law and following the spirit. It was a great training. Afterwards we had a yummy lunch and we sat with Syster Anderson and Hale. Love them so much. After we all played some FHE games together. :)

We met the famous Teng and Na this week too! They are so cute. We taught them about the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood and the different duties you can have with them. They were so happy and said it made sense. Teng sang a song in Chinese for us too so that was treat. ;)

We got to go to the temple with the ward this week too! It was Emilliano's first time there. :) It was such a spiritual day. A couple was getting married too which was fun to see. All of a sudden I see the bride and groom come out and it was Rachel and Robbie!! A few friends from my BYU ward. Such a small world! So fun seeing some familiar faces and cute to see them getting married. :) They were adorable.

We've had so much fun with our little Jakobsberg family this week though. The elders here are the best and we've had so many good times. We volunteered to clean the church together and we had a grilled-cheese party for dinner too. Me and Syster Matwaychuk decided Äldste Blackburn sings like Jesse McCartney lol. We had dinner with the sweet Fhors family on Sunday too! They showed us all these crazy rubix cube magic tricks.

It was a superb week! So many more things happened but not enough time or writing-skillz to write it all! ;) Just know that missions are the best. They weren't kidding when they said you can feel so many people praying for you as a missionary everyday. It really is powerful. Thank you for your love and support. Älskar er och kämpa på!

Syster Davis

​Volleyball Tournament! #northernhooligans

​Mall of Scandi! feat. Äldste Scott

​Specialized zone conference. Northern Hooligans reunited.

​Teng and Na ❤

​Family Photo feat. Carlos

Jakobsberg crew feat. Jesse McCartney

​Me and Syster ❤

​Grilled-cheese middag

​A selfie for your sunday. #missionsarethebest

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