Monday, August 29, 2016

Going to Nineveh

Hey there again! For P-Day last week we went to Burger King and the Swedish missionary museum with a bunch of missionaries. They still had the viking exhibit so we ate some yummy viking bread, did some archery, and played tug-of-war. Det var roligt!

We met with our friend Kristin this week too. She just got back from her trip in Romania! It was cool hearing all about it. We caught up on life and we read some scriptures together and talked about prophets. After she asked us if we wanted to see her bunny farm! We went and one of the bunnies looked just like Oreo, my old bunny. So cute and so many feels.

We had zone training this week as well! Our zone leaders and STLs Ä. Bailey, Ä. Weaver, Syster Woosley, and Syster Wilson put on a great training and gave us lots of contackting advice! They did some funny roleplays too which were enjoyable to watch.

We talked to a lot of cranky people this week too. We kept joking that is felt like we were in Nineveh haha. We made the best of it though and had so many laughs together so that's good. This one old man screamed at us at the top of his lungs and yelled 'Jag hör ingenting!!' (I hear nothing!!) That was a little scary. ;)

We had corellation meeting this week at Expresso House with our mission leader Kristoffer so that was fun! He bought us all carrotcake and hot chocolate. So kind of him. Sadly it closed so we moved our meeting to the tåg haha.

We played Bean-boozled a lot this week with some friends also. It's a game where you have two of the same jelly bean color but they could be a good flavor or a bad one and you only know until you eat it.

There was a baptism in Täby this week too! The sweet Marimba who the assistants taught. It was the sweetest thing ever and so many people were there. The elders did a little musical number and you could feel the spirit so strong.

Sunday was great, I translated sakrament for our friend David who only knows english. Sometimes it's hard especially when people talk really fast! but I try my best haha.

Anyways, it was a great week. Pretty normal and typical week. Hope everyone had a good first wek of school. Weird that it's already started again! Have a great week and vi ses nästa vecka.

Med Kärlek,
Syster Davis

​Our sweet Kristin


​My favorite number is 22 and I found this randomly! 22.22 August 22. och 22% lol so proud.

​Kontakting in Nineveh, don't let the haters bring you down.

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