Monday, August 15, 2016

Församling Grill festen!!

Hallå everyone. This was a fantastic week! For P-day we had permission to go to the huge swedish Göteborg vs. Djurgården futbol game! It felt so weird being at a sports game. It was a blast. :) We all cheered and tried to sing along to all the swedish chants lol.

The next day we decided we were going to go so hard and talk to every person we saw in Vällingby. We prayed very hard to help find someone who needed us. That day we contakted this swedish man who grew up mormon and still believes but he just doesn't like going to church. He asked if we could come over and teach his daughters everything sometime?! We were so blown away and happy. Prayers work.

We got to meet with the sweet Samuel and Kristine this week too! Samuel is from Nigeria and Kristine is from Latvia. They invited us over for dinner so we could see their new babay Enriko. :) Cutest little guy ever. We chatted with them for a while and talked about Samuel's conversion and how they want to go to the temple together. Kristine pulled our her calendar and was like 'when can I get baptized?' :) We all just smiled and we explained to her all the lessons and the preparation we have and she agreed to all of it! SO excited for her!

We had some visitors this week as well! The Jönköping systers!! My MTC comp Syster May and her greenie Syster Christensen. :) I love them so much and it was so great being with them. They came down to Stockholm for train the trainers meeting since Syster Christensen will be training next transfer! So exciting. That meant Syster May got to tag along with us for the day in a tri-pan. We had district meeting and all went around and showed pictures of our familes. Afterwards we went to this yummy restaurant called CaliBurger. I always make fun of Äldste Blackburn for calling California, 'Cali' haha. We decided it would be the perfect place to eat. ;)

Our tripan was so fun though! We did studies together and had some fun deep conversations about faith. I love Syster May. It was so great to be with her again. We both couldn't believe how fast the time was going. Crazy to see how far we've come.

Saturday was eventful! We had transfer calls and found out we both will be staying so that's good. :) Äldste Dean will be moving though so that's sad. We will miss him! Luckily some more of my MTC friends will be moving to stockholm next transfer! Soo stoked shoutout to Äldste Nielsen and Ä Scott! Stockholm är toppen! Also today the elders classy friend Musi from Afghanistan got baptized! It was such a great day and we helped set up fika. Seeing the look on his face when we got baptized was so priceless. :) He had the biggest smile on his face. After we had a huge ward grill fest! It was such a party. Teng and Na came and we all grilled together. We even played a little Badminton together. Love Jakobsberg so much and so glad I get another transfer here!!

Sunday was great. We got to teach young womens and the ungdomar sunday school so that was an They are crazy kids but we love them. We talked about families and how we can strengthen our own. Most of them know spanish so they were talking behind our back. Typist lol. Love them! After church Lars and Astrid invited us and the elders over for dinner. :) So fun! They made us this authentic swedish-norwegian dinner with kött och lingon berries. Reminded me of what we made for my mission farewell party! Soo good. We then shared our favorite scriptures with them.

Anyways this week was great! Me and Syster Matwaychuk are just loving life. :) We're living everyday with so much happiness and laughs. We are also getting really giddy about the cold slowly creepy in. Even though we'll miss the summer fun, winter is so magical and we can not wait. :) Vi älskar sverige och kan inte vänta för jultiden! Så peppad! Älskar er och lycka till i skolan!

Syster Davis


Bus with my favorite person. ❤

​McClatchie is doubling into Karlskrona!! Going to miss my bestie!! ❤

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