Monday, September 5, 2016

Rice, rice, baby.

Hallå igen! Det känns så konstigt att skriva en brev igen eftersom det känns liksom jag skriver den samma saken varje gång haha. Sorry for my repetitiveness and sorry for my bad grammar in english and in swedish. Anyways! This week started great with a fun P-Day at the YSA center with all the stockholm missionaries. It was nice to just relax and chat with some good company. Äldste Scott wanted a haircut too so me and Syster Hansen decided to put our never-before hair salon skills to the test. We both kept joking how we both had Syster Hong as a companion so we must be great hair dressers eller hur? Ä Scott was nice to let us test our skills on him.

We had quite the busy week though! It is nice when you have a lot going on to keep us busy in the Lord's work. :) We met with this sweet girl from Bangladesh who showed us a map of all the churches she wants to visit. She showed us her little Buddha collection as well. She pointed to one of them and said, 'This one is Christian now because it got wet.' lol.

We got to meet with Tony and his sweet daughter this week too. They are the so nice. They had all this fika for us and Tony told us his conversion story. We had many laughs together too and he kept making fun of my swedish by emphasizing on the 'r's.

Me and Syster Matwaychuk had some nice contacting stunds as well. As usual, there were a lot of 'no's but those few people who did listen were worth the hours of rejection. The key is to just make it fun, smile, and laugh. :) This random guy came up to us while we took a break on a bench and asked, 'Why are you guys so smiley? Keep doing what your doing because people really need your happiness here.' It was so kind and made us even more happy. Sometimes it's hard for us to see it but it was just a nice reminder that the light of Christ is always with us and others can see it.

We also had district meeting in Täby this week. It was a great meeting, we talked about how we can teach things in a fun simple way and they did a funny role-play to show an example. We all went to Caliburger for lunch and ran into the Beckstrands at Täby Centrum getting some decorations for the mission home. ;)

We met with Jai and Kennith this week too! It makes me so sad because they are moving to Nortälje so I won't get to see them anymore. :( They just bought this beautiful swedish house. Hope to get to visit them someday! They made us the most delicious Thai food and we went around and shared our favorite scriptures together. Going to miss them so much.

Ward sports night was this week too so that was a blast! We traveled down to Gubbängen and played some basketball, soccer, and inebandy! Såå roligt. Teng and Na came too and surprised us with this heavenly authentic chinese food! Probably some of the best fried-rice ever. 'Made with 11 ingredients,' from the words of Teng. ;)

We had a great fast and testimony on Sunday too. I translated the meeting for David and his brother again and it was such a struggle! It's so hard to translate when people talk so fast and when the older people have gammal svenska lol. This week girl from New York named Danielle came randomly to church too! She was so nice and we laughed that we were all matching with our stripes haha. Had to get a picture. ;) After church us and the elders got invited over to Roxanna and Nicolas' house! They bought us all the ingredients and asked us to make some American pancakes for them. :) Such a fun day and week. Love being here and love serving the Lord with all my heart. Hope you all had a great week. Hejdå till nästa vecka. :)

Med Kärlek
Syster Davis

​Stripes galore with our American friend Danielle!

​$kwad goals


​Our favorite Teng and Na

​Jai and Kennith. :)

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