Monday, September 12, 2016

Uppsala splits!

Good morning everyone. This week was pretty usual. We had a nice lax P-Day again and nice visit to stadhuset. Me and Matwaychuk watched these people feed ducks with skittles and just soaked up the sun a little bit. We met up with our Jakobsberg elder friends later on and hit up River Island (a clothes store lol).

We have been teaching this sweet little girl named Camille, who is getting baptized in December, for the past few weeks and we love it because she corrects our Swedish pronunciation everytime we say something weird. She's our little swedish teacher.

We had a fun dinner this week with Edilene De Soza as well. :) She is from Brazil and made us the most amazing Brazilian food ever! She had a few friends over too so it was nice little gathering. She packed all the left-overs for us and insisted we take them all home! So sweet. Her daughter Nicki is one of my friends who is going to be serving a mission in Salt Lake City Temple Square mission soon. :) She is currently waiting for her visa in Örebro. Miss her so much!

We had district meeting at the office this week too so that was fun! We talked about the scriptures and how important they are when we teach. We did some roleplays and then after for lunch we had a huge BBQ! Det var toppen.

We got to go on splits this week too! I was so stoked because I have never left my area for splits before. This would be my first time in Uppsala! So peppad!! I got to be with with Syster Woolsey. She showed me all around Uppsala while we contacted. Cutest place ever! I played tourist and took pictures of everything haha. It was so beautiful and we got to see domkyrka! Such a fun splits.

We had a great weekend as well. Busy with visits and lessons which is always nice. :) Sunday was great too. It was such a spiritual day for me. So much ljus and glädje all day. Felt the spirit so strongly. After church visited with our friend Zara and just had some great deep conversations. Love her so much. It was such a nice week this week. Enjoying all the little blessings everyday.

Love you all och ses vi snart!

Syster Davis

​Classy Stockholm Zone Pic

North Stockholm disrikt skwad. Besties.

​Study desk. My spot every morning. :)

​Splits in Uppsala this week!

​Domkyrkan! Biggest Kyrka i sverige.


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