Monday, September 19, 2016

Funerals, Birthdays, and Vaxholm!

Hejsan allihopa! This has been quite the week. We started off by going to Vaxholm for P-Day and seeing the big fortress again. We did a little hike up the island as well and found little red mushrooms. Love the pretty sights here! It was fun to be with all our missionary friends too.

We got blåsted (when someone doesn't show up) a few times this week too so that was a little tråkigt (suckish) but we made the best out of it. :) We just went out and talked to so many people and had some nice conversations with a few. Also like usual a lot of meanies. This one lady looked at our name tag and just stuck her tongue out at it and pretended to spit at it. :( Soo sad. Kinda hurts sometimes but nothing will ever stop me for being persecuted for His name. :) We taught little Camille again this week and we promised to play some hangman with her before we left. She was laughing so hard at us because it was hard for us to guess the simple swedish words she used.

We got to go on splits with Täby this week as well! That was an adventure. I was with Syster Young and Syster Matwaychuk went to Täby with Syster Trotter. It was so fun to show Syster Young around everywhere and talk to many on the way. We got some MAX for lunch and just caught up on life. Love that girl! We visited Helli in the evening and talked about scriptures and had en trevlig stund tillsammans.

For distrikt meeting it would be the last one for the transfer and Äldste Brawdshaw's last one ever! Whenever a mission goes home we have a funeral service for them to show them how much we appreciated them. We all decided to wear black and the POs, Äldste Halterman, and Blackburn made this legit song for him. We had some meatballs as well! Woop woop.

We met this guy from Poland this week too who invited us for fika and wanted a Mormons Bok in Polish. He was very sweet, but pretty set in his Athiest ways for now. We literally talked about everything. God, Jesus Christ, The restoration, the plan of salvation, evolution, dinosaurs, the word of wisdom, and many other things lol. He had so many questions so it was a nice long conversation. He said he won't convert but he will read the Book of Mormon because he is curious.

We got to meet with Kristin, Teng and Na this week too! They both made us the most amazing asian food ever. We're so spoiled haha. Love them so much and they keep wanted to meet a lot before I move out.

Lastly, the best day of this week...SYSTER MATWAYCHUK'S birthday! :) We've all been waiting for this day for so long!! After church we made this huge dinner and cupcakes for her and the elders wrote her a cute song about Canada. It was such a great day. :) Glad we could do something fun and special for her. She deserves it. Going to miss being her companion. She makes me so happy. Love her so much!

So weird to think I'm leaving Jakobsberg in a week. Going to miss all the people and friends I have made here. Love you all as well and vi hörs!

med Kärlek
Syster Davis

​Finding cool sun clocks

​P-Day fun

​Ä Adcox and Hatch

Party in Vaxholm

​Vackert Vaxholm

​Ä Bradshaw's funeral

Syster Matwaychuk's birthday song.

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